Are you ready2react?

Allergies are the most common type of chronic disease in Europe, with around 150 million people – and 1 in 5 children – suffering from some kind of allergy1. Here in the UK, almost half of all adults (44%) have at least one allergy2 although not all severe, it’s a number that is on the rise.

For people with the most severe allergies, being exposed to an allergen can be fatal, requiring the use of a life-saving adrenaline pen, and in some cases, even hospitalisation. Yet, few people would know how to react if they themselves, or someone else, experienced a severe allergic reaction. In fact, according to the ready2reactuk survey,
1 in 4 people who have severe allergies don’t always carry an adrenaline pen on them, and less than half feel confident using one3.

Understanding how to identify an allergic reaction and properly administer an adrenaline pen can save a life. Everyone should know how to use an adrenaline pen, whether they have an allergy or not. That’s why leading allergy charities Allergy UK, Anaphylaxis UK, and the Natasha Allergy Research Foundation, have come together with Viatris, a global pharmaceutical company, and the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology (BSACI) to raise public awareness about allergies and the use of adrenaline pens with the ready2reactuk campaign.

As well as representation from the leading allergy charities in the UK, the ready2reactuk campaign is supported by leading allergy specialists, a GP, a school nurse, the vice-principal of a primary school and patients and parents of patients with lived experiences of life with severe allergies.

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